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Support Home in Tacoma Project!

Did you know that 75% of residential Tacoma is zoned only for single-family housing?

AHC fully supports the Transform Housing Choices proposal that would signficantly increase the amount of missing middle housing in Tacoma's neighborhoods. It's time to provide more housing options to ensure there is an adequate affordable housing supply for all residents in Tacoma.

Key Proposal Requests:

  • Allow more housing types throughout Tacoma's neighborhoods, such as duplexes, triplexes, cottage housing, and in some cases fourplexes and small multifamily housing through the Transform Housing Choices proposal

  • Allow mid-scale multifamily housing in areas close to shopping and transit

  • Strengthen policies and programs to make housing more affordable, including expanding the current 12-year MFTE program and implementing inclusionary zoning policies

  • Strengthen anti-racism and anti-displacement policies and programs to make housing equitable and to curb gentrification

Ways that you can help:

  1. Sign on to our letter today to show your support for the Home in Tacoma project! Public comment ends on April 9th - sign-on today!

  2. Attend the City of Tacoma's Planning Commission Hearing and testify in support:

Tacoma Planning Commission Public Hearing Info

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 starting at 5:30 PM on ZOOM

Dial: +1 253 215 8782

Webinar ID: 821 9792 340

We need as many individuals and organizations to sign on to show a wave of support behind this proposal! Read the full letter here.


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