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Advocacy Updates for February 2022

Updated: Mar 7, 2023


Legislative Update as of 2/28/2022


  • $290 million is provided for the rapid conversion of property into emergency shelters, permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, and youth housing. The funding will be used for housing projects that move people from unsanctioned encampments and public rights-of-way into transitional and more permanent housing solutions, and for housing projects in rural areas.

  • $71 million is provided for the production and preservation of permanent affordable housing. The Housing Trust Fund program builds affordable housing units to serve a broad spectrum of vulnerable populations.

  • $58.522 million for competitive funding

  • $86 million is provided to expand capacity for individuals in crisis, particularly the homeless, to have a short-term housing solution and receive care. This funding will create new capacity for 23-hour crisis triage facilities, crisis stabilization facilities, and youth residential crisis triage and stabilization facilities.

  • $25 million is provided for Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing units for lower-income individuals and families.


  • $300 million is for Rapid Capital Housing Acquisition to provide competitive financial assistance for the purchase of real property for quick conversion into homeless or emergency shelters, permanent supportive housing, or transitional housing for low-income people that will assist in moving people experiencing unsheltered homelessness away from unsanctioned encampments, the public right of way, or public spaces.

  • $100 million from the Apple Health and Homes Account is for the rapid permanent supportive housing program created in Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1866.

  • $101.5 million is provided for the Housing Trust Fund

  • $93.375 million for competitive funding

  • $14.9 million is provided for homeless youth facilities projects;

  • $3.3 million is provided for grants to local governments and public utility districts to assist in the cost of utility improvements or connections to new affordable housing projects; and

  • $2 million is provided for a rapid response community preservation pilot program.


Bill No.

Bill description



Exempts the sale or transfer of property for affordable housing to a nonprofit from the real estate excise tax.

2/28 - Scheduled for Exec. Session in Ways & Means

Priority Support

Authorizes certain cities to establish a limited sales and use tax incentive program to encourage redevelopment of vacant lands in urban areas.

2/28 - Scheduled for Exec. Session in Ways & Means

Priority Support

Establishes a grant program in Dept. of Commerce for Home Sharing Programs

2/28 - Scheduled for Exec. Session in Ways & Means

Priority Support

Promoting housing construction in cities through amendments to and limiting appeals under the state environmental policy act and growth management act.

2/24 - Referred to Rules


1866 (Chopp)

Assisting persons receiving community support services through medical assistance programs to receive supportive housing.

2/28 - Scheduled for Exec. Session in Ways & Means



Home in Tacoma - Phase 2

At Tacoma's Study Session on February 22, there was an update from the Planning and Development Services Department about the strategies to structure the analysis and community engagement efforts for Home In Tacoma Phase 2. Some of the topics that will be addressed in Phase 2 include:

- Strengthened design and development standards (including height, size, yards, etc.)

- Enhancement and expansion of affordable housing tools and homeownership opportunities

- Ensuring that infrastructure and services are adequate to support growth

- Avoiding the potential demolition of viable structures

- Encouraging green, sustainable, and climate-resilient housing Preserving tree cover and access to green space

For more information, visit


Zoning Ordinance Amendments:

The Town Council will hold a public hearing regarding zoning ordinance verbiage amendments regarding accessory dwelling units, home occupations, short- and long-term lodging or care facilities, parking standards, group care facilities, and definitions at the meeting on March 1, 2022, at 6:30 PM. Public testimony will be taken.

Council Meeting – March 1, 2022, at 6:30 PM.

Zoom Invite:


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