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2019 Advocacy Agenda Coming Soon

The Tacoma-Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium is working hard with it's Advocacy Committee towards the creation of our 2019 Legislative Agenda. We will be focusing on a small number of high priority items, while also supporting a number of our partner's efforts. Housing priorities that have come to our attention for 2019:

  • Significant investment in the State's Housing Trust Fund for more affordable housing;

  • Allow local jurisdictions to retain a portion of the state's sales tax to invest in affordable housing;

  • Create state funded Family Unification Program vouchers to help families involved in the child welfare system to reunite and get housing; and

  • Remove barriers and fund a program to clean up land that will be utilized for affordable housing.

These are only a small handful of the many policies that we can advocate for to support the creation of affordable housing in our community. Have a suggestion for a housing priority that we should consider? Please send us an email at and we will be happy to consider it in our list of efforts to support.


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